The Perfect Guide To Beginner’s Yoga Asanas

Beginners will find the concept of yoga pretty inspiring and exciting. Although the many poses may seem simple and easy to follow through, the stiff and taut muscles in the body will not easily allow the novice body to bend with ease and may make the steps seem impossible to achieve. However, with continued practice, anyone can find complete control and expertise over their body and achieve any yoga pose with ease. Here are five simple Yoga poses any beginner could start their training with:


Sukhasana – The primary step to practice when it comes to Yogasana is the Sukhasana. This easy pose only requires you to sit cross-legged upon your yoga mat with your hands placed upon your knees, palms facing up. The main purpose of this pose is to align your physical self as well as your inner self. 

To do so, you will also have to keep your spine straight as you remain seated and push your glutes against the floor. This pose lets you check if you can handle the complexity and discipline required by yoga. Moreover, by sitting down and meditating you are relieved of any stress.


Marjiasana – Standing on all fours is a pose you can relate to your childhood. So as a next step, you can get down on your hands and knees, placed directly below your shoulder and hips, distributing equal weight all around. To proceed with this asana, inhale deeply and arch your back upwards like a cat while lowering your chin to your chest. Hold the position and lower your back as much as possible and tilt your head upwards, resembling a wolf or dog howling.

You should find your entire spinal cord stretching as you complete this pose. By using your yoga mat you can avoid having pain in your hands and legs while doing the asana.


Adho Mukha Svanasana – As a beginner to yoga, performing poses which you can relate to will help you adjust your mind and physique to the various other poses you might come across going further. This pose resembles a downward-facing dog pose, one which any person can relate to.

To perform the pose get down on all fours with your palms and feet down and lift your rear end as high as possible while keeping your head down between your arms. This pose will help you relax the spinal cord, work out the shoulder muscles and also tone down the arm muscles.


Balasana – Everyone is a child even when they grow up. The Balasana pose literally rekindles the child in you and lets you unwind yourself from your stress and pressures. Bend your knees from the Adho Mukha Savanasana and lower your rear end onto your heels. Then place your arms along your sides with palms faced down. Once you have done this, bend your entire body such as to allow your head to touch the floor.

Being one of the easiest of poses that you will love to continue, it will also calm down the body and also enhances the lung capacity. This asana can also be used as a breather during your Yogasana.


Utkasana – All of you might have heard of the squat exercises. Well, the idea basically came from this pose. Giving you the ability to strengthen your lower back, hamstrings, calves and brings amazing balance to the body. Sitting in the air simulating sitting on a chair, this pose requires you to squat halfway and hold the pose for a few seconds before going back to your standing position.

The more time you are able to hold the asana, the more strength your muscles are built with. 

Once you have mastered these five steps, you are ready to go further into the study of Yogasana. There are different levels of yoga which increase with complexity, allowing more flexibility to the body and enhancing the body’s immunity. So grab your mat and pose away!


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